Bologna book fair: the story of a miracle

If the book is a joy, children’s books – is a blessing. A book fair in Bologna – the place where happiness is celebrated, discussed and appreciated. And anyone can touch him.

Fair is fair, but in terms of the passions it is almost like “Oscar” in the field of children’s literature. All children’s writers dream to be there, from the publishers at the mention of the faces spread smiles, and bad is a children’s book that dreams are not about the most important Italian book market.

Authority is confirmed by the age – for the first time the fair in Bologna was held in 1963. The event is held in the spring, in April or March, which is symbolic in Italy at this time it is quite warm, shining sun and blooming magnolias, Wisteria and tulips.

It was at this time the streets of Bologna are flooding people with glowing eyes – the city attracts writers, illustrators, artists, designers, translators, publishers and booksellers. They all share a glorious passion – a love for children’s literature and work as storytellers – creating on paper the worlds and incomparable universes. Joining them is rewarding, but demanding audience: teachers, educators, librarians, parents and children.

Children’s literature as it is

The Bologna book fair today is the place where meets live communication for the entire world’s book industry. Here the phenomenon of “children’s literature”, it is possible, that is, to touch: see what’s in demand, what will be the future trend what you write, draw, who is held in high esteem.

For beginners this is a great chance to make a breakthrough in his career. Directly at the fair and sign contracts on the purchase and sale of copyrights and even interviews are held for illustrators.

The Bologna fair is a 6 large exhibitions of books and illustrations, about 1500 participants, more than 26 000 visitors, 15% of which came from other countries, 700 journalists from leading publications and hundreds of conferences, lectures, meetings with authors, and autograph sessions. Aware of the scale?

There are awarded the prestigious “kids” award, for example BolognaRagazzi Award. In parallel, although separately from the fair, receives two important awards – the Prize of Hans Christian Andersen alive today now best children’s writers and artists and the Prize of Astrid Lindgren. The latter is awarded to writers and artists whose works follow the spirit of the books of the famous Swedish writer.

Special attention is paid to digital technologies, helping in the development and education of children. Awarded special award for apps, startups and game programs.

Bright as in childhood

The history of the Bologna fair is the story of a miracle, because it began with her understanding of what children’s books and illustrations is art. And maybe the art even more meaningful, because it appeals to our childhood dreams and fantasies, gives a very warm feeling and wakes fond memories.

Perhaps this is the reason for the popularity of the book fair in Bologna as one of the greatest Bastion of pure childhood. And beauty, of course, because its main participants – that is illustrated publications.

In our gallery collected a number of charming participants of the fair in recent years. But the most important wonders await. Next year it will be held from 1 to 4 April. Just don’t ask where!

Illustration Of Chaucer

Illustration Of Cappuccetto Rosso

Illustration Marra Cerri

Illustration Mattotti

Illustration Sedie Zoppe

But if there are no forces to wait, here’s the good news: Italy is guest of honour at the book fair Non/fiction. Therefore, from 28 November to 2 December you can come to the Central house of the artist and see there is a great exhibition dedicated to Bologna illustration. The exhibition “Illustration of children’s literature. The best Italian designs” prepared by the Italian Institute of culture in Madrid in conjunction with the Bologna exhibition centre (BolognaFiere). Eighteen Italian illustrators will show their works, as changing the design of children’s books: the Beatrice Alemannia, Anna and Elena Balbosa, Chiara Carrer, Mara Cerri, Sara Fanelli, Philip Giordano, Roberto Innocenti, Federico Magione, Giovanni Mann, Lorenzo Mattotti, Simon Mulazzani, Simone Rea, Sergio Ruzzier, Arianna, Vairo, Alessandro Sanna, Guido Scarabottolo, Pia Valentinis, the Olympia Zagnoli.