Beppe Severgnini: do not believe the Italians

Modern Italian writer Giuseppe, aka Beppe, Severini have set ourselves ambitious and challenging, worthy of the Italian task – to tell the world about what they, the Italians.

In search of beautiful places, unusual people and unexpected subjects for their stories Severini drove along the coast of the Italian boot. Along the way, the author was faced with the manifestations of Vice and virtue, from which emerged his cultural picture of the real Italy. He says: “In Italy you are always ready to bewitch; our country as a seductive woman who promises you the attention and promises to comfort. Don’t believe us. Or not: believe it if you want. But only then do not complain and blame only yourselves”.

Book Severniy “Italy and Italians” was published in Russia in 2013 by the publishing house “RIPOL” and whether conceived, or, on the contrary, has inadvertently become a kind of box with a double bottom, a snuff-box with a surprise.

Prose Beppe Severgnini easy, relaxed and talkative. If you have ever seen the Italian talks about something important to him, just imagine the style of the narrative. Severgnini says says says. Perhaps if the book could gesture, she would do it.

The page is riddled with secret code: allusions, references, references, quotations. For the erudite reader’s journey through a “secret” Italy will be a real pleasure, elegant daysorolabial quest. The reader unprepared, looking for academic guide is likely to lay the text in disbelief.

No matter whether you like his prose or not, Severini just cannot be ignored: today, he is considered the best journalist of Europe, combines a prestigious position of chief editor of the weekly “7” and Deputy chief editor of the newspaper Corriere della Sera, writes articles for the newspaper the New York Times. In 2001, Queen Elizabeth II awarded this imposing grey-haired Italian with the title of officer of the British Empire, and in 2011 he became commander of the Italian Republic.

At the fair non/fictio№ Beppe Severgnini will take part in the discussion on “What is the true image of Italy and Italians?”. To argue and to agree with the writer is the Director of the Italian publishers Association (AIE) Alfieri Lorentzon. Friends, if you’ve always wanted to witness a live dispute between two real, bristling with intelligence of the Italians, you just can’t miss this event – when else will be able to see it?