Back in Sorrento

In Sorrento a monument to “Mrs. Alessio” – Alexei Maximovich Gorky.

The author of the sculptures was a famous Russian sculptor Alexander Rukavishnikov. Photo:

Gorky lived in Italy intermittently for seventeen years, including almost ten in Sorrento. From 16 November 1924 and up until homecoming may 9, 1933 he spent at the Villa “Il Sorito” located away from the bustling resort centre, on a rocky promontory of Capo di Sorrento. The writer argued that nobody loves Italy as he is, because nobody else is obliged to so many. “Bel Paese” was inspired and filled with bitter creative charge. In Sorrento created “the Thing Artamonova”, three volumes “the life of Klim Samgin”, “Notes from a diary”, plays, essays and memoirs.

To date, the presence of Gorky in Sorrento to resemble a plaque, as well as entries in guest books, which boast of local hoteliers. But the love between him and Italy was mutual. That Italy was the initiator of any anniversary of Maxim Gorky in the calendar of memorable dates of UNESCO and strongly supported the installation of the bust of the 150th anniversary of his birth.

“In this anniversary year of the great Russian writer Maxim Gorky finally returned to my second “home”, Sorrento! This project came to light a few years ago on the initiative of the municipality of Sorrento, in collaboration with the Moscow Institute of world literature named after Maxim Gorky Russian Academy of Sciences, its Director Vadim Polonsky, as well as the efforts of the organizing Committee of the Gorky prize, which every year get the best writers and interpreters of Italy” – told “RG” in charge of international relations at the municipality of Sorrento, Antonio Fiorentino, noting that to bring this idea to life is good under the patronage of the Russian businessman, Chairman of the Council informed about the city settlement of Timerbulat Karimov.

Bust of Maxim Gorky a dilapidated column, the composition is supplemented with the wings of a Thunderbird that seem to carry the writer over the city. The author of the statues that has been placed in the centre of Sorrento, in Victory square (a few steps of the house where was born the Italian poet of the XVI century Torquato tasso), was a famous Russian sculptor Alexander Rukavishnikov.

In addition, thanks to the efforts of the Association “Know Eurasia” and the Institute of world literature named after Gorky in Sorrento the presentation of a unique, never-before-published edition. We are talking about a facsimile of the four manuscript home journal “Sorrentine truth”. This journal consisted of humorous stories, poems, and cartoons the bitter and guests who visited his Villa “Il Sorito”. For illustration in this edition, said the writer’s son Maxim Peshkov.

“The celebration of the anniversary of Gorky in Sorrento will allow not only to pay tribute to his memory, but will undoubtedly contribute to the intensification of cultural ties. Today, when it is customary to erect a wall, our city is striving to become an important cultural bridge between Italy and Russia. We believe this is an extremely important aspect for the development of a full international cooperation,” said Fiorentino.