“Attention to the past poets and moral duty”

The editor of the anthology “to Leave. To stay. To live” Boris Kutenkov on “the Tver book,” told, when will the compendium of poets who died in 1970-1980-ies

According to him, the first volume will be released in early 2019, the second in the course of the year.

— We have already received invitations from Samara, Cherepovets, Tula, Novosibirsk, Buryatia. I think that’s where we will plan our first raids. The book was needed for many before its release, already builds the presentation route, the anthologist.

The first such book was published in late 2016, according to the results of literary readings, “They left. They remained” and was dedicated to the poets, who retired young in 1990-2000-ies. It had great resonance, was presented in many regions of Russia. But in the process, admits Boris Kutenkov, “it’s understanding how many names unknown, quite forgotten”. Thus was born the sequel.

One of the awards for us is the understanding of the fate, cut short on the rise. And when you make up the anthology, you know this period in its entirety, says the editor of the collection. Another task of the anthology is the study of the late poetry, is quite ambiguous, and an attempt to find a balance between “space allowed and the space of unresolved”, appealing to the well-known formula of Mandelstam.

According to Boris Kutenkov, attention to departed poets — “it’s probably a moral duty, a responsibility to those who are gone and can no longer declare itself”.

— These poets will soon become part of national culture, and no one will have doubts about putting them in the cultural hierarchy, as the book will get a review and a certain legitimacy. Happens the embedding of little-known names in the cultural environment — no doubt the editor of the anthology.