At the XII-th Krasnoyarsk book culture fair in Krasnoyarsk announced the finalists of the Nose

At the XII-th Krasnoyarsk fair of book culture was held an open debate between the jury members and experts of the award of the NOSE, which was broadcast online. The outcome was selected the list of finalists this year.

The jury this season, led by literary critic Anna Narinsky, theater critic Marina Davydova, translator Agnieszka Piotrowska, scholar Tatiana Venediktova and the analyst Ekaterina Shulman. The last to arrive on debate failed, but their literary preferences passed. The women’s team of judges in the debate opposed the men’s team of experts – Yury Saprykin, Konstantin Bogdanov and Lev Oborin.

In the short-list was selected by the book:

Ksenia Buksha “Open inside”
Alla Gorbunova “Things and ears”
Denis Gorelov “native land of elephants”
Yuri Leiderman “Moabit Chronicles”
Natalia Meshchaniniv “Stories”
Evgenia Nekrasova “Calcina-Malachina”
Anna Nemzer “Round”
Victor Pelevin “iPhuck 10”
Lyudmila Petrushevskaya “We were stolen. Crime story”
Maria Stepanova “Memory of memory”

This season, the organizers introduced an innovation in parallel in Nizhny Novgorod a week ago held a public debate award “Volga NOSE” and was selected its short-list. At the Krasnoyarsk book culture fair was visited by the President of the Nizhny Novgorod jury Evgeny Strelkov and curator of the project “NOSE walks on Russia” Kirill Kobrin that this list is announced.

Recall that on the website of “the Nose” continues the online voting for your favorite author, where is the leader of the book of Victor Pelevin with the score on 114 votes. Reading of works from the long list and participation in national referendums you need to register on the competition website.

In the final literary awards will also be broadcast discussions of the jury and experts, selecting and awarding laureates, which is traditionally held at the end of next January.