At the heart of Peter a man with an axe smashed the book “Fahrenheit 451”

According to the news portal yesterday in the Central district of St. Petersburg at one of the bookstores had been an armed attack, in which he was defeated.

According to eyewitnesses of an incident in the book “Fahrenheit 451”, which is located on Mayakovsky street, a man came running artist. As quoted from the portal of the witness of the incident: “the Artist wanted to see a comic book publisher. But did not find it in the store and wanted to cut the whole book.”

Representatives of the book and rare book store this incident was commented on his page in the social network Vkontakte: “the Attack on Fahrenheit, with an axe, it’s been informative, interesting and provocatively. There were no injuries”.

The owner of the bookstore told reporters that a visitor with an ax was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.