At Non/fictio№20 discussed the reading of children and adolescents in Russia and Italy

Meeting at the book fair started with the fact that the Italian Centre for books and reading, whose main task is the distribution of literature and the pupils ‘ acquaintance with foreign authors, and setting up relationships with book in children from an early age, particularly through reading aloud, spoke about the programs for the development of reading in Italian schools. This area in Italy pay surprisingly much attention: in the framework of the initiative “Let’s live together” across the country in schools passes about 3 thousand reads aloud.

Its creators have quoted RG: “Our goal is to encourage you to read not only children but also adults. It is not easy, as the Italians historically are not a reading people. It is much easier to raise children in the right direction to reading became for them an everyday necessity.”

The speakers emphasized that teaching reading is the responsibility not only of families but of the state, adding that in Italy, the funding allocated to the promotion of reading is very low.

But despite this, the country carried out many activities aimed at promoting the habit of reading. For example, there is a prize for local authorities which organize activities to promote reading, and the cities compete for the title of the reading. Representatives of the Center are convinced that only such methods can be used to ensure that libraries were not only museums, but also a place for meeting, exchange views and receive vivid impressions.

The speaker Titian Mary stressed that the issue of promotion of reading in schools is the lack of the necessary specialists, so-called teachers of reading. But thanks to the program “Invitation to reading”, which aims to teach children to read, critically interpreting the text, partly trying to resolve this issue. The program was designed with the experience gained in the field of reading in other countries, it includes advice for parents on accustoming children to the book house. Together with the TV channel “Paradise” the Center has created a series of programs on this program. According to Tiziana, you can find them on the Internet, typing in the search for the original name of the program: “Invito alla Lettura”.

The Deputy head of Rospechat Vladimir Grigoriev was surprised to hear about a little reading in Italian children: “My generation grew up on the books of Gianni Rodari, and I’m surprised by your words.” It was noted that, according to PISA test (Programme for International Student Assessment), which assesses the literacy of adolescent students in different countries of the world, Russia is the fourth in a dozen countries.
Grigoriev stated: “Therefore, in our country programs to promote reading focused primarily on children ages 10 years”, adding that 10-year-old Russian children are most committed to the reading, rather than teenagers. He announced the programmes for the promotion of reading in Russia competition “Live classics”, “the Most reading region”.

The speakers summed up: “What to do to get children to read? Probably, this is a big challenge for all of us, especially for those associated with the book. Reading is a passion, which, with constancy and diligence becomes a habit that accompanies us all life.”