At ENEA opened four exhibitions

Visitors can see works by Russian artists, manuscripts and letters by Bulgakov, exhibition expert in the field of fashion Alexander Vasilyev and paintings by the artist Anastasia Vepreva

MOSCOW, 5 Dec. Works of Russian artists, manuscripts and letters by Bulgakov, the clothes created by the great couturiers of the world, and the realization of the images of the flight will be able to see the national exhibition of economic achievements at the exhibitions, which opens on Wednesday.

Large-scale exhibition “the Main characters. Selected works from the collection of the Samara art Museum” will present 130 iconic paintings by Russian artists in the pavilion “worker and collective farm girl”. “The exhibition in this volume is presented in Moscow for the first time, you can see the works of the XVIII-XIX centuries, the gold Fund of Russian culture, avant-garde paintings, an amazing collection of Oriental art, all of them collected one of the main Industrialists of Samara that time, Alfred von Vakano”, – told reporters the exhibition’s curator Lina Krasnyanskaya.

Visitors will see works of Russian art during the first half of the eighteenth century – 70-ies of XX century in different genres: from the secular portrait of the avant-garde and socialist realism. Among the paintings are “the Two sisters” by Vladimir Makovsky, “Winter” by Alexei Savrasov, “the boyar’s daughter” by Vasily Surikov, “the Composer Anton Rubinstein” by Ilya Repin, “build a house” by Olga Rozanova, as well as paintings of Ivan Kramskoy, Ivan Aivazovsky, Valentin Serov, Alexander Benois, Vasily Tropinin, David Burliuk. The exhibition included miniatures, murals from China, Japan, India, XVII-XIX centuries from the collection of the Oriental art Museum of Samara.

Five heroes Bulgakov

The exhibition will be held from 5 December 2018 to 31 March 2019, in parallel with her in the pavilion “worker and collective farm girl” will be a joint project of ENEA and the Museum M. A. Bulgakov “the Phenomenon of the hero. In search of Mikhail Bulgakov”, telling about the author’s biography and the history of the creation of his works. “The name was controversial, as Bulgakov himself says about himself that he is not a hero, and its characters also can not be called heroes in the full sense”, – said the Director of the Bulgakov Museum Peter Mansilla Cruz.

The exhibition consists of three parts, first, “follow me, my reader!” constructed reality characters from the works of Bulgakov. “The exhibition presents five heroes: legends of the writer with his wife, Alexei Turbine, unexpectedly, Moliere, writer Maksudova and Master, the last time of the hero”, – said the curator of the exhibition, Leonid Kopylov.

The second part of “I am, unfortunately, not a hero” shows documents, manuscripts, letters indicating the chronology and logic of the emergence of the key characters of the writer’s works. In the third part of the “Extraction wizard”, you will see a portrait of the writer, which consists of his photographs and memoirs of contemporaries.

The exhibition is organized in the framework of the second season of the Russian and international inter-Museum exchange of “Resident”. The materials were provided to more than ten museums and archives of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Fashion season

In pavilion 16 ENEA “Hydrometeorology” 5 December 2018 7 March 2019 will be an exhibition of the TV presenter and expert in the field of fashion Alexander Vasiliev, “the Glamour of the 80’s”. The exhibition includes more than 50 models of clothes and about 100 of accessories of the appropriate style of the last century, including shoes, bags, jewelry, in addition also includes photographs and magazines of the era.

“This, of course, the era when a woman was considered a master of the earth. Here you will see models of the houses of Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent. Fashion comes full circle every 25 years. Now it’s been 30 years since that era, and we see in them only the lovely, nostalgic and wonderful”, – said Vasilyev, whose word brings the press service of the ENEA.

Stages of the flight

The winner of the direction “Art” of the third season of the project “Rise” – Anastasia Vepreva and curator Sergei Popov will present to the visitors of the pavilion “Space” exposure “Easily”. The project demonstrates reflections of the artist on the theme of the fragility of life and historical memory.

It consists of three parts: the earth, clouds and sky. The first part includes the graphic sheets, which the author portrays his ideas about historical disasters. In the second part, the abstract graphic sheets from the ceiling to the floor, a figurative representation of the world of the cloud. The third part is a large white pedestal, where the crib – figures made of papier-mache, in which are the figures of sleeping.

Curator of the exhibition Sergey Popov considers that the artist actualizes different modes of perception of human flight. “Vepreva works with these images confidently and accurately, giving the viewer the opportunity to experience them as poetic metaphors, but at the same time staying within strict, realistic style,” – quotes its words a press-service.