At auction in new York, the top lot was a painting by the Belgian surrealist

On 13 November in new York held an auction, which sold the work of contemporary artists and Impressionists. The most expensive lots was the work of surrealist by the name of rené Magritte, 1898-1967 who lived in the years. During the auction were sold his work under the name “Fire”, was created in 1948. This was told Halley Freer, the representative of the auction house Sotheby’s. On the canvas the artist depicted a rocky desert with stormy skies, against which is five colored trees. This work was sold at auction for $ 4,335 million, which is almost three times higher than the starting price of this work of the famous surrealist.

Much cheaper and still an impressive price sold work with the title “Woman in the garden”, created by Pierre Auguste Renoir. This painter lived 1841-1919 years and is considered one of the brightest representatives of the impressionist artists. When creating paintings, the artist used bright colors, which tells about the joyful moments in his life. By the way, this painting was created in 1890, when he married Aline, Sharego. Specialists in painting I draw attention to the particularly fine writing of clothing items that tells about the interest of Renoir for the history of costume. This work at auction was sold at a price of $ 1,395 million.

Over 1,167 million dollars sold the painting “Indian woman with a flower”, which was created in 1932 by the artist, Alfredo Ramos Martinez 1871-1946 lived in. This artist is considered the founder of such direction, as Mexican modernism. At this auction the sale was exhibited the painting “Roses”, written by Claude Monet, 1840-1926 lived in years. This painting, he wrote in the years 1925-1926 in Giverny. Sold this work of art for 1,035 million dollars.

The five most expensive paintings auction in new York closes the picture with the title “Mandolin on a chair”, written by the post impressionist Paul Gauguin, 1848-1903 lived in. This painting, which I decided to experiment with perspective, the artist has written in 1880, and at auction it was purchased at a price of 807 thousand dollars.

Among the interesting lots include the painting “the Grands boulevards” Jean beraud, which only recently learned critics. For it at auction paid 735 thousand dollars. Also in this category should also include the poster with the woman in white, which fills the glass. Advertises it’s French brewery, and was created by Wassily Kandinsky. Assessed this work in 312 thousand dollars.