Appointed as the new Nobel Committee for literature after a sex scandal

The Swedish Academy called the new members of the Nobel Committee for literature. On Monday, November 19, reports Gulf Times.

The new Committee included five members of the Swedish Academy and five others who are not members of the institution, — they are all Swedes. The elected Committee will work for the next two years and will give three prizes: for 2019, 2020 and 2018, when the award is issued.

New members of the Committee were the author and translator gun-Britt Sundstrom, publisher Henrik Petersen, literary criticism Mikael Blomqvist, Rebecca Karda and Christopher Landauer, as well as members of the Swedish Academy Anders Olsson, Horace Engdahl, Christina Luhn, Jesper Svenby and Per Westberg — the latter took the post of Chairman of the Committee.

The Nobel prize for literature in 2018 was postponed due to a sex scandal in November 2017 18 women have accused of sexual harassment of the photographer Jean-Claude Arnault, a spouse of a member of the Swedish Academy of Katharina Frostenson. It was noted that the man had used his position to persuade women to have sex. In October 2018, he was imprisoned for two years for rape.