Announced the results of the award “the Big book – 2018”

In Moscow, in the Pashkov House, which traditionally is awarded the National literary prize “Big book”, announced the winners of the thirteenth season.

The first place of the jury “Big book” was awarded for the novel “Memory of memory”, written by Maria Stepanova. Coming on the scene for the prize, the writer said, “This is unexpected news to me. Because the type of text, which I do, rarely in the area wide attention. In the short-list was selected so many wonderful authors that I was happy just to stand next to. But thank you very much!”

Second prize went to the novel by Alexander Arkhangelsky, “Bureau of inspection”. The third winner was Dmitry Bykov, who received the award for the book “June”. The winner will receive 3 million rubles, and the writers in second and third place, 1.5 and 1 million rubles, respectively.

Special prize for contribution to literature was awarded to Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, which, rising on the scene, refused the flowers saying they don’t like them since childhood. Whether it is potted plants!

The jury consisted of 110 people: writers, publishers, critics, editors, journalists, businessmen, statesmen and public figures.

This year, the shortlist prize was 8 works:

Alexander Arkhangelsky, “Bureau of inspection”

Dmitry Bykov, “June”

Aleksey Vinokurov, “People Of The Black Dragon”

Evgeny Grishkovets, “Theatre of despair. Desperate theatre”

Oleg Ermakov, “rainbow and Heather”

Olga Slavnikova, “long Jump”

Maria Stepanova, “Memory of memory”

Andrey Filimonov, “recipes for the creation of the world”

For the first time in the awards ceremony presented yet another prize – “Litblog”. The purpose of this award is to support public discussion of contemporary literature in the Network. Master of “Literary mastery” of the HSE, which is the organizer of the award, hopes to bring together the literary process with the formats of new media. The competition was attended by more than 60 authors from all over Russia. The expert Council, which included writers Maya Kucherskaya, Marina stepnova, and graduate students, has selected 15 finalists.

The winner was Evgeniya Lisitsyna, Creator of telegram channel greenlampbooks.