American writer James Frey was given a “Bad Sex Award 2018”

According to “The Guardian”, a British literary magazine “The Literary Review” was awarded the annual award for the worst description of sex in literature – “Bad Sex Award 2018”. The winners of this literary award was announced yesterday at the ceremony held at the London club “In and Out Club”. The winner this year was the American writer James Frey is the autobiographical novel “Katherine”.

In the book, the author talks about his trip to France in 1990-ies, “a fictional retelling of” the Parisian adventures of a novice writer describes a love affair with the Norwegian model Caterina gave the name to the novel.

Judges anteprime in “The Literary Review” stated that the novel was the descriptions of several lengthy sex scenes, including during a meeting in the car Park at the back of the taxi that Freya could even give several awards a “Bad Sex Award”. However, the extended sex scene in the bathroom in Paris between Jay and Katherine persuaded them particularly.

By the way, the second award for the worst description of sex was nominated a passage from the latest novel by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami’s “the Murder of the commander”, which was released in Japan in February of last year. In Russian language this book yet, although the publisher ESMO promised that by the end of autumn, the novel will release in Russian. Murakami was nominated for the award for the worst description of a sex scene for the third time – previously it was included in the lists of novels “1Q84” and “Colorless Curu of Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage”.

The three leaders also turned out to be “Paper lovers” by Gerard Woodward. “The Guardian” was previously called the short-list of intinerary, which came solely with the authors of men. By the way, for the entire 25-year history anteprime handed it over to the women only three times.