Alexander Vasiliev wrote a memoir to his 60 anniversary

In the information Agency “Russia today” held a presentation of books by famous fashion historian and art critic, TV presenter Alexander Vasiliev. The book was called “Family values. Found the book of memoirs”.

Photo: Vladimir Trefilov/RIA Novosti

Alexander Vasiliev is the author of three dozen books on the history of fashion, which have become bestsellers: “Beauty in exile”, “Russian fashion. 150 years in photographs”, “Russian Hollywood.” However, this book stands out among other the fact that it’s a memoir of family history Vasilyev, from the beginning of the twentieth century until his last decades, namely until 1982.

You say, and what’s next not write? And I want to stretch the pleasure. I know there is interest, and so you are going to live a long time, thinking logically constructed correctly in my favor. Why am I at 60 “vipula” all the fireworks, and then I had no choice. I will be a thin layer to stretch out these memories in order that the interest has never cooled down”, – says Alexander Vasiliev.

The book is divided into three parts. In the first part of the volume included memories of uncle Alexander Vasiliev – a theater Director Pyotr Pavlovich Vasilyev. With extraordinary precision and detail Peter p. says about his parents, brothers and sisters. How in the revolutionary time the aristocratic family left the house in Samara, and went to Siberia. After a few years of wandering Vasilyev stayed in Moscow and it was here that he studied and future theatre Director Petr Vasiliev, and future people’s artist of the USSR Alexander Pavlovich Vasiliev, whose memoir was the second part of the book.

Paying tribute to his parents and brother, Alexander Pavlovich Vasiliev clearly, vividly tells the story of the main passion of his life – theatre. He designed hundreds of performances in different theatres of the world, worked with leading Directors of his time, including his famous brother Peter Pavlovich. In 64 years, leaving the work in the theatre, Alexander Pavlovich took up easel painting. Now his work can be found in various museums of Russia and the world, as well as in private collections.

In the third part of the book Alexander Vasiliev talks about his childhood and adolescence, until the emigration to France in 1982. About your parents – a brilliant actress Tatiana Gulevich and one of the most famous in the Soviet Union of theater artist Alexander Vasiliev. Also the author tells about the beginning of collecting vintage things which are later exhibited in Australia, Europe, Asia and America. The collection, stored in France, updated for the past 30 years and consists of more than 65 thousand exhibits.

The book was difficult, because the book was built from completely different moments, parts. The same mysterious story that even the manuscript was found(the memoirs of Aleksandr Pavlovich), is a miracle in itself. Because at first we thought that it would be a memoir the book even Alexander Vasilyev himself, where he’ll talk about his parents and ancestors, especially because family history is absolutely phenomenal, which is impossible to describe in one statement. But then the book began to build. And I can now say that we have quite an interesting series of literary memoirs in our office, but it is a pearl of our collection, – says Elena Shubina, head of the “Edition Elena Shubina” publishers “AST”.

In the personal archive of Alexander Vasiliev preserved great photos and using one of the best designers of the books “AST” Andrei Bandarenka, who studied together with Alexander Vasiliev at the Moscow art Theater, was compiled album inside the book, even without text to tell the story Vasilyev.

16 Dec at 19:00 will take place the anniversary evening in the Concert hall of the “charge”.