A Polish court ordered the German TV channel to apologize for a series that showed the poles are anti-Semites

The district court of the Polish Krakow verdict on the case, which ran for several years, referring to the lawsuit against the TV channel ZDF. It’s a German channel that created a television series called “our mothers, Our fathers”. The reason for the suit was that in the TV series ugly light put the home Army showed that she was involved in the death of a huge number of Jews, while the territory of the Polish state was occupied by German troops.

A lawsuit against the television station decided to broadcast a veteran of the home Army, who participated in the Warsaw uprising and as a prisoner of the concentration camp in Auschwitz. In his lawsuit, he accused the German TV crew in violation of personal rights. He noted that the establishment of such a series of violations of human rights to dignity, pride and national identity.

The lawsuit was filed in 2016 and from that time was reaching trial. The decision of the court of Krakow, the plaintiff should receive as compensation for moral damage to the amount of 20 thousand PLN, which is approximately 5.4 thousand dollars. Payment must hold a Polish TV crew who allowed the demonstration of such series, and German channel. They need to apologize to the plaintiff.

The series in three parts held in the summer of 2013 by the Polish TV. Immediately after its release in Germany and Poland has sparked much controversy. The poles did not like that in this story decided to show German troops almost innocent in the war and its consequences, but the poles, by contrast, is shown here by anti-Semites.

In the spring of 2013 on the cover of one of the Polish magazines have decided to portray Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, a prisoner of the concentration camp, thereby answering the series “Our mothers, our fathers” on television. At the same time, Morganti Jerzy, a Polish diplomat who was then in Germany, made the letter noted that the German TV channel creating such stories offended the fighters of the Polish resistance.

The Warsaw Prosecutor’s office refused to investigate over the fact that the series was shown on Polish TV. Representatives of the television noted that showing this story allowed the audience to self-assess the work of the filmmakers, and not to listen to representatives of the media or politicians.