“A dual personality is helpful for a writer”

The last day of the Non/fiction writer Alexander Snegirev presented his new book “the Ghost road” and said the storis in Instagram become a haiku

Meeting Alexander Snegirev started with the words that in our time the literature was fair action. Writers like marine reptiles at the restaurants trying to please the reader, to seem him more attractive that he bought the book. Then he added that many of the masters of words do not aim to capture the attention of passing meme person, but gladly are open to those genuinely interested in literature.

Then it briefly went on a new novel. Snegirev noted that the song “the Ghost road” is not very simple, but at the same time, the reader will amaze interesting story. The action takes place in one of the country houses and is built around a particular family. Except the people in the novel there are supernatural forces — Snegirev drew attention to the frightening cover of a book.

For those not familiar with the biography of the writer, was the surprising fact that the real author name is not Alexander, and Alex. Replacement name Snegirev explained in the following way: “Ten years ago, my wife was a crisis in the relationship, and then I decided at some time become a kind of Alexander. Let’s say that this idea attracted me and wife relationship work. I would also like to note that for a writer, well to some extent to suffer a split personality: is it sensible to look at themselves from different angles and to realize that, for example, need to be corrected in the next new novel”.

Then we are talking about our favorite works of his contemporaries of the author. Snegirev called two works: “the Autobiography of Jesus Christ” Oleg Taberna and the novel “lullaby” by Vladimir Dunicheva.

“How technology will change the literature in the future?” — was a question from the audience.

In his usual unusual manner of the writer, smiling, replied: “Now we are operational users of the information, and in the future will be popular the same storys in Instagram, which will be some Japanese haiku. People in short form of will to Express important ideas”.

Alexander Snegirev: “How am I so lucky.”

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