A draft of the novel Turgenev’s “Fathers and sons” will be first shown to the public at the exhibition in St. Petersburg

Also on display at the Institute of Russian literature will present a notebook with manuscripts of the writer

ST. PETERSBURG, November 11. Draft manuscript of the novel by Ivan Turgenev “Fathers and children”, which was purchased at Christie’s auction in 1999 first presented to the public at the exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the writer. It will be held at the Institute of Russian literature (Pushkin house) in St. Petersburg, told TASS in the organization.

“The main exhibit of one of the sections of the exhibition will be purchased at the 1999 Christie’s auction draft manuscript of the novel “Fathers and children”. Previously it was shown to the public,” – said in the Pushkin house.

The Institute added that the exhibition will feature a notebook with the manuscript of Turgenev, purchased at the same auction. In addition, the second section of the exhibition tell visitors a complete chronology of the life of the writer, and the third section is devoted to the work “notes of a hunter”.

“Here descriptions of nature illustrate the light and sound installations. Specially created for the exhibition gives them the opportunity to hear the sounds that were heard for the characters in the works of lamentations Kasian from the Beautiful to the votes of all 23 birds, singing the book’s pages,” – said in the Pushkin house.

The exhibition, according to the representative of the Institute will open its doors to the public from 12 November, and on Sunday the exhibition was visited by the Governor of the Oryol region Andrey Klychkov, appointed by decree of the President of the Russian Federation the centre of the celebrations for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Turgenev.

Klychkov visited the exhibition, and presented commemorative medals established for the holiday, representatives of the creative community and researchers of the life of Turgenev.

About the writer and the Pushkin house

Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev was born November 9, 1818, in Orel, in a noble family. The most famous writer’s works – the novels “Fathers and sons”, “the noble nest”, the story “Asya”, story “Mumu” and the cycle of stories “notes of a hunter”.

Earlier it was reported that on 9 October in the Orel region held celebrations in honor of the 200th anniversary of his birth, and on 10 November the President of Russia Vladimir Putin participated in the opening ceremony of the first Moscow monument to Turgenev.

Pushkin house – Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in St. Petersburg, located on the waterfront Makarova. It was founded in 1905. Pushkin house is the largest repository of unique documents related to the history of the creative heritage of Turgenev and materials relating to the writer’s life: manuscripts, letters, various documents and photos.