8 interesting books November, we look forward to

The satirical novel, which in 2018-the year he rented a mini-series, biography of ed Sheeran in pictures, science fiction from the Booker prize nominee, a fresh detective on “forgotten” the killing of a popular French writer… All these novelties included in our current list 8 interesting books November we are looking forward to it.

4321: parallel lives

Even in his youth, American essayist, poet and novelist Paul Auster made a kind of “literary pilgrimage”, visiting iconic places associated with the work of his favorite writers. For example, I visited Dublin, where he lived James Joyce, in Paris, where he ran “traces of inspiration” of many geniuses. And then he became a famous novelist. In 2017, the year a new novel by Paul Oster “4321” claimed the Pulitzer prize and was even included in its shortlist. This book consists of biographies of fragments four characters – all of them are named Archie Ferguson, only live in their own reality and cannot affect the fate of their “brothers in DNA.”

My colorful journey: ed Sheeran as he is

Of course, the emergence of the British singer-songwriter ed Sheeran in the seventh season of “Game of thrones” was, as they say, never mind-or heart. The red-haired soldiers of the armies of the Lannisters turned out to be from forest fire, when the edge came out Arya stark, and even performed a ballad (!). The authors of the series may have wanted to please Maisie Williams (Arya), which is very like the work Sheeran, but then it backfired: the singer and composer became a character of parodies and photoshopped pics. However, the fact that the 27-year-old Briton is very popular, no doubt, he is the winner of four Grammy awards and can boast an army of fans. “My colorful journey” is a new interesting book Nov which lets out publishing house “Eksmo”. It describes all the stages of the ascent of the singer to fame, vividly illustrated by Philip booth.

Dietland: gender war

In the summer of 2018 channel AMC presented its viewers a new mini-series – black Comedy of the 10 episodes of “Dietland” show-run which was made by Marti Noxon (“Buffy the vampire Slayer,” “grey’s Anatomy,” “Mad men,” “Sharp objects”). A significant role in the series was played the winner of the Golden globe awards Julianna Margulies. Show based on the novel Saray Walker. The main character Alicia nicknamed “Plum” (flame) can not lose weight, although exerting effort. One day it will turn members of a certain group, which opposes discrimination against women, and the life of the flame will change abruptly.

In the open sea. Boat community

The British writer Penelope Fitzgerald (granddaughter of the Bishop of Lincoln, and daughter of the editor of the magazine “punch”) has long been recognized as a classic of world literature. But our readers still not familiar with her work – alas, not all Western novels fell on Soviet shelves: prevented Iron curtain and strict censors. In November, “Eksmo” gives us the opportunity to meet famous book Fitzgerald “At sea”, for which the author won the Booker prize. The characters in the novel live on boats peacefully swaying at the pier in Battersea reach. It’s a pretty friendly little community, but it is rightly said, “in every hut their rattles,” and here, too, is not without tensions and problems.

When everything is possible. Childhood trauma

When you read the book Elizabeth Straut “Olivia Kitteridge” (sketches from the life of provincial small town of Maine) in front of you visibly appear all the characters, their troubles, joy, anguish, and sometimes it’s hard to hold back the tears. These stories add up to a coherent fabric, United middle-aged title character, a former teacher, a particularly unpleasant and quite authoritarian. In November a new book laureate of the Pulitzer Straut – “When all things are possible”. And, it seems, we again have to stock up on handkerchiefs, as abstract promises a meeting with a survivor of childhood a nightmare.

The perfect stranger: a strange escape

Sometimes the name of another author of the acclaimed books such that you sit back and wonder – what name, what name? It happened in his time with Sophie Hannah (which could be and Hannah and Sophie), and now – with Megan Miranda. But – no matter! The important thing is that the last month of autumn and the publishing house “Eksmo” will present us a new detective Miranda “the Perfect stranger”. In this, as in another book of the writer, “All the missing girls”, there is escape, and the sudden disappearance of the corpse, like the heroine.

Girl and night: all the same, after a quarter-century

The Frenchman Guillaume Musso also specializiruetsya on the intrigue and mysterious incidents, the roots of which often go way back. Here and in the Thriller “the Girl and the night” the author introduces us to the man, once indirectly related to the disappearance of female students of the Lyceum. She was odnoklasnica Volume, moreover, the guy loved the Vinca Rockwell. And even now, after a quarter-century after Vinca vanished in the winter night, this mystery haunts Tom. Meanwhile, his Alma mater marks the anniversary since the opening, and a graduate of the Lyceum, now a famous novelist Tom Degale returns home.

Augmented reality. Everything you wanted to know about the technology of the future

The concept of “augmented reality” was introduced in 1990-m to year, and seven years later, researcher Ronald Azuma brought out three characteristics of this system: it combines virtual and real, interacts in real time and works in 3D. Today, there are browsers and programs of augmented reality that is easy to use in tablets and smartphones. But to properly understand what this “beast” is, it is better to peruse an interesting book “Augmented reality. Everything you wanted to know about the technology of the future.” The author is senior researcher of the laboratory of York University in Toronto Dr. Helen Papagiannis, and she knows exactly what’s what!