7 new books for those who love interesting books

If you watched a great movie “Chocolate” with Juliette Binoche or mini-series “What does Olivia?”, and also read the novels primary sources, you will probably be curious to get acquainted with fresh works of their authors, famous writers Joanne Harris and Elizabeth Straut. Their works, along with stories of the winner of the Booker Saunders, confessions of a very successful American woman and a fascinating monologue conductor with a world name was included in today’s list of 7 new books for those who love interesting books.

Island on the edge of the world: the struggle for a piece of land

Our readers loved the prose Franco-British writer Joanne Harris for the novel “Chocolate” about the will need-the pastry chef Vienne (her role was played by the Oscar-winning Binoche). And now on Russian language translated another book Harris – “Island on the edge of the world”. Its action takes place in Breton, a small piece of land, which is always fighting the inhabitants of the fishing village of Le Salan and the city’s arrogant bourgeois La ASSIGNER. Here returns Mado, a local native, has long moved to Paris. She wants to save the mansion, inherited, but the villagers have strong opponents, and it’s not only rich neighbors, but the powerful tides…

When everything is possible: not healed wounds

Which won the Pulitzer prize novel Elizabeth Straut “Olivia Kitteridge” about a provincial teacher from Maine, became the basis for the four-part drama Lisa cholodenko “What does Olivia?” with McDormand and Richard Jenkins. And here’s another poignant drama from Straut – “When all things are possible”. The Central character of the novel is still not healed wounds inflicted by the authoritarian pervert-father and spineless mother, “skeletons” at any moment can fall out of the cabinets, and then the irreparable happens.

In the open sea with open hearts

Recently finished shooting the film adaptation of the novel by English belletristiki of Penelope Fitzgerald “Bookstore”, and the Russian publishers have decided to please readers another masterpiece of the writer, the novel “the open sea” (another name – “On the water”), created in the late 1970s and then was awarded the Booker prize. All the characters has to stick with its floating homes, in their little world of raging passions, blossom dreams and dying hopes, and each destiny is unique.

Agenda: with their acquiescence

And here is the winner of the Prix Goncourt 2017 year, a collection of short stories of Frenchman Eric Vuillard “Agenda”. One of the most famous quotes by Czech anti-fascist writer Julius Fucik was: “be Afraid indifferent! It is with their tacit consent occurs all the evil on earth.” The phrase is best suited for stories and novels of Viara, which takes place, in particular, in 1933, the year when the rich Industrialists of Hitler to sacrifice their capital for the construction of concentration camps, and in 1938, when the annexation of Austria.

Tenth of December: short and to the point

Another collection of short stories that became the favorite reading of many celebrities – “Tenth of December” by George Saunders. Topical ironic history of a popular writer and essayist affect many aspects of modern life, from the military invasion of the middle East to “surprises” of the world wide web. Received the Pulitzer prize for his first novel, “the Lincoln in the Bardo” (the title character, the President of the United States mourns little boy who visits his grave in the cemetery, where the border between our world and the underworld), Saunders became known to us. It’s time to get acquainted with the stories of the writer.

Maestro and music. As a work of great conductors

73-year-old American conductor, teacher, producer John Moceri for his fifty-year career managed to meet with many famous colleagues, and to work with the most renowned Symphony orchestras in the world, worked in Hollywood and on Broadway. His confession “the Maestro and the music. As a work of great conductors” lifts the veil on this mysterious profession. With hand manipulation of the conductor seem incomprehensible and even sometimes funny gestures, and behind them in fact, known only to the chosen.

No shortcuts. Female perspective on leadership and success

The seventh book of the list of new written by a wonderful woman, nine years (until the beginning of 2016) who served as CEO of the fashion House Chanel Maureen Chic. She received a literary education, worked as a marketer at L’oreal Paris, in the Department of wholesale sales of The Gap, and then was appointed President of the American company Banana Republic. About their experiences, mistakes, insights and the way to “the heights” a native of St. Louis (mo) Chic says in his memoirs, “Without labels. Female perspective on leadership and success.”