6 books for those who have already started to prepare for the New year

So, almost wait! Before the New year, the most magical (and one of the most desirable) holidays in the world remained little more than a month. However, I can’t wait to start packing the gifts in shiny paper, decorate the tree, light the lights, garlands, hanging around the house? We will podstakne your imagination – here are 6 books to those who have already started to prepare for the New year.

The new year is almost here. Advent calendar with Windows

In my childhood we had the secret: we cut from a cardboard base and strung on a thread sheets with drawings and numbers – it was a calendar, counting down the days until the New year. Every morning, taking another sheet, we felt as flutters of the heart, soon, soon! There is no need to waste time on homemade “visual agitation”, there are colorful calendars. For example, “New year is almost here. Advent calendar with Windows” from Katerina Gorelik. The author has placed in this cute house animals and fabulous beings whom really need help. This calendar is suitable for those who have small children, because they want to participate in a pre-holiday hassle animals! The countdown will begin two weeks before the 1st of January.

Calendar of expectation for the New year

Another variant of such a calendar came up with Bryzgalov Ksenia and Nastya Sleptsova. This “Calendar of expectations of the New year”, which is actually a poster with pockets and 40 cards with tips on how to spend another day before the holidays – your younger family members will love, important to choose the 14 most relevant jobs. Well, then all the same – hang a calendar on the wall two weeks before the holiday and gradually pull out the card, not forgetting the tasks fun.

Winter holidays. Book for the magical mood in the most beautiful time of the year

When patience is running out, you’re tired to choose in the shops and Christmas fairs festive decor, and gift ideas are exhausted, take a wonderfully designed edition of “the Winter holidays. Book for the magical mood in the most beautiful time of the year.” Its author – Rafael Collavino – help organize pre-holiday bustle, calm breathing exercises, learn the secret recipes and techniques of making gifts with your own hands.

Book of the New year and Christmas:

Another book for the materials compiled by Galina Egorenkova and Natalia Nesterova. “The book of the New year and Christmas” is a magnificent album with wonderful illustrations, fairy tales of the peoples of the world, traditions from different parts of the world, superstitions, and beliefs. In short, it is an impressive gift that is hard to put down. He may be a good gift for the New year.

Encyclopedia of festive dishes: cakes on the table swords!

What a generous home party (to whom refer, and New year, Christmas and Old new year and Epiphany) is complete without a good feast! Everyone wants to please homemade yummy and surprise guests with unusual techniques and decorating treats. So you were armed with, use recipes from the book “encyclopedia of festive dishes” Galina Poskrebysheva. This stunning collection includes the rare and original recipes of appetizers, salads, main dishes, desserts. You will be satisfied, and your home will squeal with delight – a real gourmet pleasure!

Secret set for the New year

The last book of the list – not quite a book, more precisely, a set of excellent references that will be another idea for a gift under the tree. Because it’s a “Secret set for the New year” lovingly handpicked by experts of publishing house “MYTH”! Make this gift a loved one, friend, mother or even yourself, and you are sure to find the child something useful and exciting.