500 thousand rubles and the possibility of staging.

At the new stage of the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov 6 December 2018, has awarded the winners of the 1st contest pieces “of the Author – on the scene.”

500 thousand rubles and the ability to put his play in the state theatres received Russian authors: Valery Alferov (play “the law of the boomerang”), Natalia Demchik (“Subtle matter”), Sergey Kochnev (“the Rustle of mighty wings”), Oleg Malyshev (“Expensive gift”), Alexander Pozdnyakov (“General”), Yuriy Rybchinskiy (“King Herod”) and Shaura Shakurova (“blue fog”), Anna Hagan (“Season of sunsets”), Andrey Parkhomenko and Irina Yakubovskaya (“Hello, Carlson”), Valery Rokotov (“Bulgakov and the devil”).

The founder and Chairman of the jury – the famous writer Yu. M. Polyakov