5 new books that are worth reading before Christmas

Tips on how to make the anticipation of the holidays more enjoyable and most productive, fresh Christmas detective novels from the Booker prize, cult novel, makes you believe in everyday miracles. All this 5 new books that are worth reading before Christmas and tune in to the magic!

Winter holidays. Book for the magical mood in the most beautiful time of the year

The author of the book “the Winter holidays. Book for the magical mood in the most beautiful time of the year” Rafael Collavino as time will help to approach the New year and Christmas in “prepared”. To be honest, coming December – it’s always bustling, it is necessary to have time to finish important to plan for the future, thoroughly purchasing (gifts and food), there are all sorts of trouble, especially if you’re a working mom or a businesswoman! Collavino laid everything on the shelves, he will teach to bake sweets and make an anti-stress pause, to distribute the load evenly and do not overwork.

A tree grows in Brooklyn: believe the best

The novel “a Tree grows in Brooklyn” was released in 1943 year, in the difficult times of war, when people were a vital glimmer of hope. Since this book is about the Nolan family, whose roots in Ireland, became one of the most popular at Christmas time. The main character of the novel by Betty Smith, the girl Francie, bright man who loves to read and dream and even in the most difficult moments is able to find the grain of goodness and faith. No wonder this work is considered a classic, by the way, it was filmed by the then debutant (and later Oscar winner), Elia Kazan in 1945.

Tenth of December: when sadness and joy are

Most recently, mystical historical novel by George Saunders “Lincoln in the Bardo” was awarded the Booker prize. Prior to that, Saunders did not threaten to “major” genre, limited to essays, short stories and essays, but his stories have always been in great demand. Now we have the opportunity to meet with small works of American in the collection of short stories “Tenth of December” in which the vicissitudes of the household along with the incredible “gifts” of fate, and the irony and humor is expertly woven into the stories.

The death before Christmas: in the pre-holiday rush

Perhaps the Noir detective trillerny bias – not the best choice for Christmas, but not all the time to amuse, to admire and be inspired! On our shelf certainly is room for a new novel by Scandinavian author (incidentally, the criminologist with a doctorate) Kristoffer Karlsson, who managed to compare with the Norwegian Jo nesbø and compatriot Stieg Larsson. The book is called “Death before Christmas”. And, indeed, the corpse of Thomas Heber found Stockholm in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, and it seems that the police will have no gifts and feasts!

The man in the window opposite: the hope is to marry a Prince!

Oleg Roy – you’ve probably heard about the Russian writer and screenwriter, even if not especially familiar with his work. Roy writes about the mystical and the melodramatic, the fantastic and the everyday are equally easy. And our list of books that are worth reading before Christmas, includes his novel “the Man in the window opposite.” The Central character of the book, Irina Bobrova, unmarried girl not the first youth, the dreamer and the dreamer. One day she, as usual, came up with a beautiful love story, and then something happened that the young lady was so surprised.