5 books you need to buy at the fair Non/fiction

Before you begin to make “raids” on the Christmas markets in search of gifts for loved ones, take a look at the international fair of intellectual literature Non/fiction. As a long established, it will be held in Moscow Central house of artists, from 28 November to 2 December. This is the 19th book forum in which planned many interesting round tables, seminars and other events. Still, the main will remain a rich selection of literature. Take our list – here are 5 books that you need to buy at the fair Non/fiction.

On the high seas: floating houses

Mar is in love with the offspring of wealthy parents of Henry, Maurice dreams of traveling and head in the clouds, Nenna has two daughters and still can not deal with everyday problems. And together they – the inhabitants of the unusual “quarter”, arranged at the pier. Their houses remain of the boat, rhythmically swaying on the waves, and on Board every enough sorrows and joys. Novel British women Penelope Fitzgerald “At sea” was awarded the Booker prize, and novelist has become one of the classics of modern literature.

The girl in the blue coat: Amsterdam on fire

Did you know that the lovely Audrey Hepburn, which we immensely love “Roman holiday”, “Charade”, “How to steal a million” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, he had a difficult youth? The aspiring actress has appeared in German-occupied Dutch town of Arryn, was starving along with everyone and he performed like a ballerina to raise money for aid to the fighters against fascism. The heroine of the novel by Monica Hesse, “the Girl in the blue coat”, Hanneke, too – a resident employed by the Nazis the Dutch city, she has a home in Amsterdam. She tries to ease the military life of his countrymen, but ahead of it are waiting for more severe tests.

Mechanical happy land: previously unreleased

Interest in the work of the American ray Bradbury is not quenched. Recently was carried out the adaptation of his novel “451 degrees Fahrenheit” (the first classic movie was released ten years ago). So another book of publishing house “Eksmo” you can’t miss at the Moscow fair, “the Mechanical happy land”, a collection of previously unreleased works of fiction, from the notes, and the earliest short stories to poems.

Electric state: after the techno-Apocalypse

A large part of the short stories from “Mechanical happy land”, of course, science fiction. And here is another representative of this genre – post-apocalyptic novel “electric state” Simon Stelenhag. How to assure the reviewers, the book is bound to appeal to those who love the new film by Steven Spielberg “the First player to get ready”. And we the synopsis seemed somewhat similar to the plot of the book of Corman McCarthy’s “the Road” where a father and son walking on the scorched desert earth, suffered the death of civilization, in search of a better place. However, in the “Electric state” companion of the heroine, wandering through the ruins to the coast, is a robot.

Fucking story: was the girl?

Fans of thrillers and detectives, too, will be than to “profit” at the fair! You haven’t read a suspense novel by Frenchman Bernard Minier “Fucking history”? Then treat yourself to this book, yet she became a laureate of the prestigious award Polar de Cognac (the best novel of 2015 in French)! Teenager Henry brought up pretty strict moms (Yes, he has two of them) in a secluded island village, he’s not allowed to ask about his real parents and using social media. And ex – girlfriend of the hero, the beautiful Naomi, found (just like Laura Palmer) is murdered, naked, near the water. Interestingly, and of manners she was as twin pikovskaya Laura, is very free, however, Henry had not spread… Now we have to figure out what was wrong with Naomi.