450 booksellers from 26 countries rebelled against the actions of AbeBooks and Amazon

According to The New York Times, yesterday more than 450 dealers, antique books, at least, 26 countries had withdrawn the book from sales on the website subsidiary of Amazon, the biggest second-hand online store in the world – AbeBooks, thus expressing an impromptu protest after the site suddenly announced that it would stop working with all sellers from several countries.

AbeBooks is a most rare book and antique online-a platform where buyers and sellers of rare and used books, works of art and all other collector’s items. The platform was founded in 1995 in Victoria, British Columbia, and in 2008 it was acquired by Amazon.

Flash strike against AbeBooks removed more than 2.5 million books from the market, has become a rare concerted action and a fairly large share of the booksellers, are very dependent on Internet sites, growing against the vast power of the Internet giant Amazon.

Booksellers called the action – Banned Booksellers Week. The strike began after that we sent the October e-mails to all the bookstores of countries, including Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic and South Korea, saying that is not going to cooperate with them. Not explaining the reason of their actions, the site apologized for the inconvenience.

With the spread of news, even unaffected by the dealers were surprised and angry, because AbeBooks along with the Amazon, it is the largest international market of used and rare books. The international League of antiquarian booksellers, AbeBooks said, which reduces site because “we are no longer able to work in these countries because of increasing costs and difficulties.”

Bookseller from Eureka California, Scott brown told the NYT: “AbeBooks says: “We are reducing you and your country. It’s not what you did, we just decided that we don’t want to have a relationship with you. It infuriates”.

One of the victims was a large antique shop in the centre of Prague – Antikvariat Valentinska. The statement reads: “the Decision to close our account in this brief notice was a complete shock, especially since there was no reason, even on request. Only our company, of course, will have to dismiss at least 5 employees.”

Since Abebooks controls your showcase, the only tool in the Arsenal of protesters booksellers became is mentioning your business “on vacation”.