22 November – presentation of the book by Vyacheslav nedoshivina “George Orwell. Impregnable soul”

On 22 November at 18.00 in the media center of the “Russian newspaper” will take place presentation of the book by Vyacheslav nedoshivina “George Orwell. Impregnable soul,” released “Version of Elena Shubina”. This is the first “Russian literature” the world literature classic, written by a major expert on the works of George Orwell and one of the first translators of his novel “1984” and the parable “Animal farm” – by Vyacheslav Nedoshivina.

A special, if not the main theme of the book “the Impregnable soul” was the theme of “Orwell and Russia”. The writer was banned in the USSR for almost half a century, for reading, storing or distribution of his last two books, “walking” in samizdat, really jailed for seven years. “Lampoonist”, “dirty slanderer”, “the spy reaction” and “literary rogue” and even “the enemy of humanity,” denounced him in the Soviet press, and he was even writing a satire on the so-called “Stalinist socialism”, in the same year on the question of the “Homo Sovieticus”, clearly and loudly dropped in response to: “What nonsense is this? No “Sovieticus” there are real, full people. It is not known yet how we would adjust ourselves in their place!..”

Today writer is taught in schools, his books have been translated into 65 languages, the total circulation of his novel “1984” in England alone over 40 million…130 his predictions of the 137 have already come true, and this is not the limit.

In 2018 George Orwell would have turned 115 years. An excellent opportunity for a release of a new book about it! The book is illustrated with unique photographs from the London archive of John.Orwell, many of which are published in Russia for the first time.

The presentation invited well-known publishers, politicians, writers, Directors: Alexander Gelman, Yuri Rost, Georgy Pryakhin, Vladimir Gubarev, Gennadiy Burbulis, Elena Yakovich, Yevgeny Sidorov, and many others. The presentation will take place autographes Vyacheslav nedoshivina.

Vyacheslav Nedoshivin – writer, literary critic and writer, is the author of 100-serial teletsikla about the poets of the Silver age (2003-2008), books “Addresses love. Homes and households of the Russian literature” (2014) and “walk in the Silver age. Very personal stories from the life of St. Petersburg buildings” (2008). For many years, starting with the protection of the country’s first theses on dystopia (1985) and prior articles in scientific journals and magazines (“Foreign literature”), V. Nedoshivin engaged in the work and biography of George Orwell. Them, one of the first, translated and published in three editions (1990, 1991 and 1993) a novel by John Steinbeck.Orwell’s “1984” and the story “Animal farm”, and on his initiative, under his editorship, was published a collection of essays by the English classic “in Defiance of the order of things. Four Chronicles honest biography” (2013).

V. Nedoshivin – winner of the contest “Golden pen” (2003, St. Petersburg), St. Petersburg Antsiferov award “For the best popular work on St. Petersburg” (2005), prize of the Union of journalists of Russia “For protection of national culture” (2008) and the literary prize. Balmont (2015) for the book “Addresses love. Homes and households of Russian literature.”