10 best erotic scenes in world literature

Four ladies pension (for Soviet standards) age pleasantly shocked “by Fifty shades of grey”, text inspiring friends, and they decide to hold a “reformation” personal life. A little weird that the heroine of the Comedy “the Book club” was so fascinated by the novel James, because literature, in which the characters indulge in passion in all its carnal manifestations, not too little: from the “fly Chatterley’s Lover” to the series about Emmanuel. Although, in our view, remain more exciting scene, where there are descriptions of “head”, all the vulgar details left overs, but, nevertheless, it is beautiful and just amazing! We chose the 10 best erotic scenes in world literature (although, of course, much more), check to see whether they awaken your imagination?

“Fine work” by Sarah waters

This is a quote from the novel by Sarah waters “Fine”. The maid sue got into the house to the noble lady Maud, to help his accomplice to take hold of money mistress. But suddenly… fell in love with a rich aristocrat! Yes, you are right – based on this book shot Korean Thriller “the Maid” in which the action moved from England to Asia.

“Hello, sadness!” Francoise Sagan

And it’s a love of fun of the heroine is the debut novel by françoise Sagan “Hello, sadness!”. Cecile spent too much time in isolation in the guest house of the monastery, and is now “broke free”, came to my father’s house on the Mediterranean coast.

“Spring in Fialta” by Vladimir Nabokov

Yes, Vladimir Nabokov wrote “lolita”, but the innuendo conveyed in the story “Spring in Fialta” far prettier revelations about the pranks and nymphet in love with her adult male. This description of the fleeting visits of the narrator and his friend Niny – they ran into each other in a hotel corridor in Paris, her husband went to fence, the room was empty, everything happened.

My cousin Rachel” by Daphne du Maurier

Just learning about the sudden death of his guardian, a young Englishman Philip from the novel by Daphne du Maurier’s “My cousin Rachel” begins to suspect the new wife of a relative. Because now she is the heiress of the estate, probably drugged during a trip to Italy! But seeing Rachel, the guy immediately falls in love, and now he is struggling with the suspicion and desire.

“The Great Gatsby” By Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Know? Of course, this is an excerpt from the novel by Francis Scott Fitzgerald “the Great Gatsby”. For the sake of her young Daisy (who became the wife of another man) Jay and achieved “greatness” by putting on the altar of this love life itself.

Gone with the wind Margaret Mitchell

Scarlett O’hara fancies herself a romantic image of Ashley, dreaming about him, sought reciprocity, and lower Michalowski heroine of “Gone with the wind” from heaven to earth could only Rhett Butler, playboy with a bad reputation, which showed stroptimize the full force of passion!

“Madame Bovary” By Gustave Flaubert

Thus began the fall of Emma Bovary, immensely bored in the bosom of his family. We know that the unquenched desire of the spouse of the doctor will lead to irreparable consequences, but also remember that the novel of Gustave Flaubert “Madame Bovary” is one of the two greatest books in the history of world literature (Time, 2007).

“Anna Karenina” By Leo Tolstoy

This is an excerpt from the erotic scenes of the second novel, recognized as the greatest along with the works of Flaubert, of course, from “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy.

“War and peace” by Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy masterfully conveyed the excitement caused by the proximity of the charming lady – discreet, even modest Pierre Bezukhov from “War and peace” could not resist the charms of Helen Kuragina (what was the strange result of a failed marriage).

Lyrics Alexander Blok

In the world of poetry, just a sea of love poems, much more openly these lines of Alexander Blok. But they somehow seem very sensitive!