10 best American novels of the XXI century

A parallel reality, critical anti-racism Saga, postapocalyptic, political satire, life story, mystery – all American novels of the 21st century, the winners and nominees of the prestigious awards, the bestsellers, the best examples of contemporary literature. Look through?

The consequences of a terrorist attack, parallel realities: American novels of the 21st century
Extremely loud & incredibly close

11 September 2001 has changed the lives of many people. Among them were student Oscar, who lost his father in this tragedy. The boy is experiencing a loss, the parent goes through the stuff, finds the key and an envelope with a strange name and is a real “treasure hunt.” He will certainly need to find out who owns the key and what it opens. This is the story of the American novel of the early 21st century (published in 2005) “extremely loud & incredibly close” Jonathan SAFRAN Foer, filmed in 2012, Stephen daldry.

Way: through the barren wastelands

Post-apocalyptic Cormac McCarthy novel “the Road”, published in 2006-m to year, too, talks about the close relationship of father and son, however, at the beginning of the narrative, and they are both alive and wander the wastelands to the coast in search of refuge. The novel won the Pulitzer prize, and then entered the list of Time as the leader of a rating “100 best fiction and non-fiction books of the decade” in his adaptation starred Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smith-McPhee.

Olivia Kitteridge: a chronicle of the province

And here’s another Pulitzer prize winner, a novel Elizabeth Straut “Olivia Kitteridge”, published in 2008-m to year. Poignant story of the residents of a small town, who are looking for happiness, love, lose loved ones, experience emotional UPS and depression, celebrate and grieve, United by the title character, a teacher-pensioner. She lives with a meek and docile husband, a pharmacist, is not too happy with a grown son notices everything, tries to keep under control, but fate is a capricious lady, it is useless to contradict her. Book Straut received telefophone, Mrs. Kitteridge in the mini-series “What does Olivia?” played by McDormand.

Internal defect: who is not hidden…

During its debut (back in 1963) a classic of modern American fiction Thomas Pynchon was awarded the Faulkner. In 2009, the year he published his novel “inherent defect”, full of metaphors and allusions, which are very nice and fun to decipher. The Central character of the book, Darry Sportello, nicknamed “Doc,” lives in Los Angeles early 1970s, earning private investigation, indulges in marijuana and gets involved in a dangerous case about the disappearance of his old friend. In the film adaptation of the novel, filmed by Paul Thomas Anderson in 2014 year, “inherent Vice”, the Doc depicts Joaquin Phoenix.

The goldfinch: a painting of the old Dutch

But the following adaptation of the American novel of the 21st century, “the Goldfinch” Donna Tartt, we will see only in 2019 year. The idea of the story writer was born at the turn of XX and XXI centuries, but it was completed only in 2013-m to year. In 2014, the Goldfinch, much to the surprise of some critics, won the Pulitzer prize. This is the story of young Theo Decker, who lost her mother after the attack in an art gallery and began to wander from family to family. And his “talisman” and a curse was an old picture, it has got to Theo’s not exactly legal.

The snow Queen: Bohemian new York

The first novel of Michael Cunningham’s “a home at the end of the world” received rave reviews, and the book “Clock” was successfully filmed by Stephen daldry and inspired by the work and personality of Virginia Woolf, has finally earned Cunningham the title of modern master of postmodern prose. Our list includes his novel 2014 the year of “the snow Queen”, telling about the people of new York Tyler and Barrett. They are brothers, very close and somewhat restless – still wandering the labyrinth of illusions, as if wounded by fragments of a magic mirror, the eponymous heroine of the tale Anderseon.

God bless my child: white women black kid

Although the writer Toni Morrison has long traded its ninth decade, her Muse has not left the veteran of American literature! We have Morrison, better known by the legendary novel “Beloved”, which won the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes. And here is another vivid anti-racist Manifesto – a novel of the 21st century (2015) “God bless my child”. White character gave birth to a black girl, which almost hated for his “sin”, especially the daughter grows crooked and doesn’t always know what they want from it. Segregation has recently been very topical, and in the old Soviet Comedy “the Circus” antagonist angrily shouted: “white women black baby!”. Book Morrison quite brutal, it is full of violence including against children, so this reading isn’t for everyone.

Sellout: the stranger among us?

Another black author from a list of the best American novels of the 21st century, made a splash of his political satire “selling thing”. A novel by Paul Beatty (another variant spelling of the surname – Bayti) became a bestseller, and the writer was the first American who won the Pulitzer prize (2016). Double standards, bias African Americans, who considers the hero a traitor, the contempt of the father – all are to survive the farmer who grows watermelons. But it is not to confuse, he accepted his destiny and intends to follow him to the end.

4321: nothing divine, just life

In 2017, the year in the United States published a witty and exciting fantasy novel by Paul Oster “4321”, and in 2018 (thanks to the quickness of the publishers of “Eksmo”) the book was translated and we have only just appears on the shelves, you probably read about the novel in our list of November’s new products. Archie Ferguson – a single in four persons. Oh, no, nothing divine, just in the four parallel realities, there are four genetically identical to Archie’s, but that’s life circumstances, everyone will be different.

Lincoln to Bardot: the old cemetery

When essayist, screenwriter and author of the popular topical stories George Saunders has decided to try himself in the genre bigger, he chose the difficult path of transrealism, mysticism and philosophy. Saunders rebounded from the episodes in the biography of American President Abraham Lincoln, who was very unlucky with his sons: three out of four children died from various diseases. Inconsolable father often visited the cemetery, where she lamented the younger, Thomas. Explain: “Bardo” is the frontier of “space” between our world and the otherworldly, that it unfolds the plot of the book. In 2017, the year of “Lincoln in the Bardo” has become a winner of the Booker prize, he completes the list of the best American novels of the 21st century.